spinning from the inside out

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All good things are wild, and free.
……Henry David Thoreau

if only we could tap into a little unclaimed innocence to restore our faith in ourselves, in the cycles of our lives, and our ability to heal……we can find such grace in allowing ourselves to be as we are and to allow the world to seep inside without denying its true grit…..

Nothing builds inner strength faster than the simple practice of taking full responsibility for your reactions to whatever happens. What can you command? You are in command of everything that is below your own psychic level. Nothing in the Outer World can touch a man living fully from his Inner World. A situation becomes what the mind calls it. But what happens if the conditioned mind refuses to call it either good or bad? What then happens? Well, a kind of miracle. It becomes simply a neutral event without power to harm or to give temporary excitement, followed by the inevitable swing over to gloom.You grow into true command as you uplift your level of being through more insight, by extending a warm welcome to esoteric facts, and especially by extinguishing a false sense of identity. Before performing any task, we must learn the nature of the task. Learn what you must do. Your information can then change into victory……Vernon Howard

finding a little niche

Ah, to feel the rapture of being fully alive- to know the ecstatic moment when our inner world & outer experience are in sync, seamlessly part of the Sacred Wholeness of which all things are made. Those moments have such sweetness they feel like they will break us open with the unbearable beauty of being- and they do……Oriah Mountain Dreamer

2 thoughts on “spinning from the inside out

  1. Such is to allow (even if just for a little while) a moment of forgetting – all that came before and all that waits to be done. To be here. It sounds like it’s either time for blowing bubbles or chasing fireflies…….. A time of transport to a place not so far away…….. ~ Ever love, Bobbie

    • riding ferris wheels, sipping champagne under twinkling arbor lights, finding the sweet sunrise through the early morning fog……ahh, to live…..and live again….to be here……may you know a lifetime of remembering how to be Bobbie…..

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