the heart knows


Sometimes, we just need
to hear ourselves breathe.
…..Jeff Foster

it is always sobering to realize how easily we can allow negativity to sway our dreams, self-worth, and life purpose….even for a moment, we should begin with honoring the rift and then move toward our heart, never forgetting how clear the heart path is……

Each time I follow my deepest desires, fear is there wringing her hands, cautioning me with her litanies of what-ifs. I do not try to counter with reasonable arguments about acceptable risks. I no longer try to shame myself into action with admonishments to stop being the wimp nor do I pretend to be unafraid. I simply move in the direction I have chosen to go, taking care to do the things I know will help me keep the fear at a level where I can continue to feel it and still keep moving. I put myself to bed early, eat well, sit with friends, take long walks by the lake. I have learned that doing things the hardest way provides no currency to be traded for greater future rewards……Oriah Mountain Dreamer

befriending this life

Steep warm milk on the stove until it whistles warmly to quench your insatiable thirst for all things softer. Walk softer. Speak softer. Be softer. Let yourself be breathed. Sit before the experts on all things breath-related — oceans and babies and if you don’t have either of those in eyes’ reach, a fur-covered friend will work.

“Teach me to breathe again,” you must implore with the fervor that your life depends upon this very breath.

Because it does. So let this breath come to you. Resist the temptation to meet it halfway. Sit. Wait. Here it comes. Patience, please. Breathe me. Reminder #347: Nobody is exactly comfortable on this planet. Nobody feels deeply at home. Because this planet is a stopping point. A pit stop. An interlude. Call it what you will. Stop sleepwalking your way through. Through the discomfort is the way.

Love is the energy from which we originated and love is the energy to which we return. Stop separating yourself from God. The Divine. The Universe. Call It what you will. These labels we use to create separation. Tenderly, let’s tear down these walls together.Lay your sledgehammer down. You don’t need it any more. If beating yourself up worked, you’d be far more enlightened by now.

…..Amber Shumake

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