a deeper integration


Integrate into wholeness. Accept all parts of your life. All parts. This is one of the deepest healing elixirs you can ever offer yourself. Allow it all to integrate — your mind with body, your body with spirit and your entire being with all of the experiences of your life. Accept your irrevocable wholeness. When you accept what has been, what you thought was and what is, you loosen your grip on delusions, limitations and stale beliefs that hold you back. What’s left? Space. Space and room to expand into the shape you are naturally, wholly and fully with a deeper sense of truth, wisdom and compassion…..Tanya Lee Markul

there is nothing so trite as a well-considered wish for wholeness…..yet, when it is gifted through the tearing down of interior barriers, real growth and wisdom alight…..

There is a quality of wakefulness that has no fixation and no sense of entity. It is egoless. We could call this quality the genes of wakefulness, or genes of emptiness. Wakefulness is not a game or a technique. It is clear and spacious, very basic and ordinary, with no self-consciousness…..Chogyam Trungpa

nothing left but spacious intent

Think on the way
That the stars fall
Out of the skies
And into the deep blue sea,
Where they ease themselves
Into the scales of fishes,
Cast themselves on the sand at sunrise.
…..Lee van Laer

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