the whisper of a holy truth


Let’s be real: we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another what exactly we’re doing here on this big blue marble.

Straight up, life can be hard. At times, it brings us to our knees. It’s human nature to ask, Why? What’s it all for?

Destiny — we all have one. I have a theory: our world is a giant classroom. We are here to learn, to move forward, to grow in consciousness, die and then to return here and do it again. Much like the process of attending school, we ascend to different levels.

And graduation is the end goal, but we acquire seriously valuable lessons along the way. Living your destiny is the magic. If ignored, your life’s purpose will continue to haunt you like a crazed lover. You’ll catch glimpses of it on the subway, walking down the street or in the eyes of a stranger. Look for her in the recurring dream that’s shacking up in your soul — that, my friends, is your wake-up call. If nourished and allowed the room to grow, actually living your purpose will bless you every day. Guaranteed.

We don’t have to worry so much about the how’s in our lives; that’s not really our job, and how cool is that? Leave the how to The Universe. Our job is to focus on the life we desire — especially the end result — then to follow all the impulses we get to make that life a reality.

When we put in the work on our side, we can sit back and feel confident that The Universe, God — whatever you want to call it — will work out the details. This is what the Cosmos wants for us, so it is more than thrilled to lend a helping hand.

Your life is calling, and she wants to know when the hell you’re coming home.

….Valerie Gangas

why is it that some of us find ‘it’ and some of us never catch a glimpse? this universal search can elude us… can we understand our inner lives without judgement, find the pointed stillness and steadiness to our fundamental truths? maybe it’s about feeling the questions…..

Stone, water, light. These are the sum parts of a seashore.

Certain curves of land and sky are known (to those who know such things) for their light. I’ve spent hours thinking about how to describe this light with words. It’s like describing true love. What creates this love, this love that infuses everything? Is it the sky? The sky covers everything. At the sea, the love flows down to your toes in the sand.
Light washes air. The air itself is a sheer, rarified color, the palest yellow and the most translucent blue. The air is transparent with light. So much here depends on this light that glazes everything. Every object stands in stark relief to everything else, painting a harmonious whole. Cerulean blue is the sea. Even the greys shine from within. Every scene is scrubbed clean and smoothed, then steeped in patina like an old Polaroid, faded or with sun-flare.

I used to think that God is light. Now I think that light is a god.

The sky is a holy spirit. She cannot keep a secret. She always gives away the presence of water. Even in the distance, even when I cannot see what lurks beneath, I can tell if water lies below. Look out into the distance, through a stand of trees or across a stretch of road. When you find an openness in the sky, a light that glows from below, you have found it. I call this water-sky.

…..Jenna McGuiggan

a kindred wink

Come, come, whoever you are,

Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving,

Ours is not a caravan of despair.

Even if you have broken

your vows a thousand times

It doesn’t matter

Come, come

yet again, come.


2 thoughts on “the whisper of a holy truth

  1. I have to believe it’s with some appreciation for the edges – those that might fit to anyplace other than the place we are. Let us settle into an understanding that love is the only truth – the only anchor we need embrace. Ever still, my friend. May the winds be gentle. ❤

    • my boat is swaying and I am listening deeply to the wind……this, I know you know, is the only way…..sweet passing day to you Bobbie…

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