a rebellion of the complacent heart


Some people never go crazy.

What truly horrible lives they must lead.

…… Charles Bukowski

to run in the forest on bare feet with the rain and the moss and the animals shifting dreamily in their sleep….so silent and profound is this kind of metaphorical craziness….we must believe and own our little crazies…then we remember who we are…..

I am willing to stand on the precipice of the greatest adventure of my inner life, and liberate all that I am from the lonely, dark, forgotten places within me. I am willing to risk all that I am for all that I might become. At least then, I will know. I am willing to leap madly into my destiny, and meet myself where the worlds collide in celestial fields of glory and redemption.

Willingness is all that is necessary to begin. You don’t need to pack anything else. You will become determined as you go, entranced by the infinite mystery of yourself. You will become invested as you find out what you’re willing to fight for. Metaphorical blood will spill, resurrections will occur, immaculate conceptions will happen, and points of no return will be passed.

It is up to me whether I use my experiences to run towards or away from my true self.

Say a prayer. Write your will. Have an adventure. Bring an angel with you. Find God in the fire. Be changed, from soft and impressionable clay. Get reshaped on the way by the swords and the teeth and the claws of your inner enemies, and when you are perfect, you will emerge with a story to tell, and little left to fear. You will have discovered the wizard behind the curtain……Alison Nappi

living within the not-knowing

I am not afraid. I was born for this.

….. Joan of Arc

4 thoughts on “a rebellion of the complacent heart

  1. For much of the spring and summer, there’s been a new rabbit in my backyard. What makes him so remarkable is that he learned quickly that I was no threat to him (other than maybe talking his ears off). As a result, I find him many afternoons lying in the clover munching away (surely he thinks he has died and gone to bunny-heaven). I’m no stranger to bunnies, but this one truly stretches down in the grass, belly to the dirt with his legs out behind him (as a pure-bred spaniel might). I walk within a foot or two and he continues to enjoy his place.

    The place that is most like us is that without rules about what life or love should be. It cares not whether bunnies act like puppies, or people act like sparrows…… I love that place, and I know you do too. ❤

    • you leave a trail of moss, I’m sure…..And yes, I too, am a warrior for the peace of animals and all the uglies that are beautiful……your prayers sing in words and wind Bobbie….

  2. The native people called it running amok, and it was each member of the tribes responsibility to stay safe from that person until it passed. So to should we take care as we walk the world …

    • of course you know this! I won’t forget…..and I will teach my grandchildren to never let the wild go……our stories entwine here g.f.s…..

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