painting our days with care & attention


Good work that leaves the world softer and fuller and better than ever before is the stuff of which human satisfaction and spiritual value are made…..Joan Chittister

we leave a trail with our lives and how we live the inner truth… all condenses into a fierce trajectory of healing and nuance and inner light…..believe in the mystery of doubt….

Creativity is a shapechanger. One moment it takes this form, the next that. It is like a dazzling spirit who appears to us all, yet is hard to describe for no one agrees on what they saw in that brilliant flash. Are the wielding of pigments and canvas, or paint chips and wallpaper, evidence of its existence? How about pen and paper, flower borders on the garden path, building a university? Yes, yes. Ironing a collar well, cooking up a revolution? Yes. Touching with love the leaves of a plant, pulling down ‘the big deal,’ tying off the loom, finding one’s voice, loving someone well? Yes. Catching the hot body of the newborn, raising a child to adulthood, helping raise a nation from its knees? Yes. Tending to a marriage like the orchard it is, digging for psychic gold, finding the shapely word, sewing a blue curtain? All are of the creative life….Clarissa Pinkola Estes

the grit of wasted days

You hear an old song and the face of a lost loved one suddenly appears, and in the space of the song the loved one grabs your loneliness by the collar and sends it out the door. You stand before a painting and the peaceful landscape calls you in- or a scene of violent pain holds you in thrall- and for a minute that’s longer than eternity you enter the serenity or you rage and grieve along with the picture’s tortured souls. More than anything else, that’s what art does: not answer questions or set agendas, but create space- space to laugh, to mourn, and to wonder who and how and why we are……Graziano Marcheschi

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