how can we enter the mystery?


You are hugged by the arms of the mystery of God.

….Hildegard de Bingen

we never say never when it comes to faith and a refusal to deny the spirit…..with deep listening we can hear the inner call…..

German Catholic theologian Karl Rahner admits, ” I must confess to you in all honesty, that for me, God is and has always been absolute mystery.” That’s the right spirit. Put away all the paraphernalia designed to unmask the Creator of the Universe. Let God be God. “There are many theological questions which can be asked- even interesting ones, for which the truest answer this side of the grave is, ‘I don’t know,’ Episcopal Bishop James A. Pike states. Who can pin down why human beings are so prone to self-destruction? Reason comes up short trying to answer these piercing questions. “The eye goes blind,” Rumi warns, “when it only wants to see why.”…..Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat

prayer in the closed heart

If you want what visible reality

can give, you’re an employee.

If you want the unseen world,

you’re not living your truth.

Both wishes are foolish,

but you’ll be forgiven for forgetting

that what you really want is

love’s confusing joy.


4 thoughts on “how can we enter the mystery?

    • and isn’t it interesting how we have different ears at different times in our lives? for now I hear the ‘settling-in-heart’…….may you be nestled in deep woods Bobbie…..

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