it is here & then it is gone

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To a large extent, the future lies before us like a vast wilderness of unexplored reality. The God who created and sustained the evolving universe through eons of progress and development has not placed our generation at the tag end of the creation process. God has placed us at the beginning……Sir John Templeton

savoring the tiny beauty rushing by us…..never to reveal the brash honors what big beauty chases… simply in a chair by the dusty window and bear witness to all that unfolds…..

As I sit quietly here in my chair,

Sewing or reading or braiding my hair-

Human and simple my lot and my share-

I am aware of the systems that swing

Through the aisles of creation on heavenly wing,

I am aware of a marvelous thing,

Trail of the comets in furious flight

Thunders of beauty that shatter the night,

Terrible triumph of pageants that march

To the trumpets of time of Eternity’s arch.

I am aware of the splendor that ties

All the things of the earth with the things of the skies,

Here in my body the heavenly heat,

Here in my flesh the melodious beat

Of the planets that circle Divinity’s feet.

As I silently sit here in my chair.

….Angela Morgan

mother holds us

In the beginning, there was blackness.

Only the sea.

In the beginning there was no sun, no moon, no people.

In the beginning there were no animals, no plants.

Only the sea.

The sea was the Mother.

The Mother was not people, she was not anything.

Nothing at all.

She was when she was, spirit.

She was memory and potential.

She was Aluna (higher consciousness).

….a poem from the Kogi

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