we know the heart before we know the self


How can you follow the course of your life

if you do not let it flow?

….Lao Tzu

so many little trickeries along the way….riddles and koans and mysteries and frustrations….and we rarely feel clear in choosing a path….the great sages seem to taunt us sometimes…..making it all seem so necessary and filled with ‘if only we had the key’…..how is it that it all keeps moving?….how do we put one foot in front of the other with grace and the vulnerability of our not-knowing?……

there is no path
that goes all the way,

one conversation
leads to another,

one breath to the next

there’s no breath at all,
the inevitable
final release
of the burden.

And then,

wouldn’t your life
have to start
all over again
for you to know
even a little
of who you had been?

….David Whyte

peak trajectories….

There is no greater mystery than this,

that we keep seeking reality

though in fact we are reality.

…Ramana Maharshi

2 thoughts on “we know the heart before we know the self

    • this is the beauty of aging with a little peace yes? sun and moon rise and fall….the heart beats on……may you love the mystery of wondering ‘who you had been’ Bobbie…..

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