give it all up to a charismatic world


How many now will seize not just the day (which Carpe Diem signifies) but every moment, second, hour, in every way, beyond how all our drudgeful habits make things seem?

How many will take our lives out to a place we do not know, will just be crazy for the hell of it and to the wind all caution throw, then watch our earthquake epicenters grow?

Microsecond madness is sublime. Trust me. That’s how I’ve vowed to live my briefsome life through every day and all the wholesome time.

What’s your excuse?

Maybe when you’ve witnessed Mars and Jupiter, and put some glinty little stars inside your pockets for a rainy day, you’ll realize that play is more important than the work you use to excuse your lack of enthusiasm and other things with which you build that jumpless chasm running wide between your heart and all the things you’d love to do if lack of spontaneity didn’t have its deathly grip on you.

What’s your excuse?

And so, when midnight comes, don’t bore me with “I have to go to sleep before I turn into a pumpkin,” or make me weep by saying that the weather’s bad or you’ve forgotten what the meaning is of words like glad or joy or letsjustliveeachmomentasitcomes.

For life is shorter than we think, and we’ll be gone before we’ve even time to blink our way to blindness.

For where there’s love, there’s will. And where there’s will, there is a way.

So join me by my side and savor life, where tides and moon and mystery and knightly tales of gallantry and swordsmanship (a metaphor) your heart will grip.

…..Alan Morrison

we question our limited lives at times so that we may reposition our sacred intentions… can we see our potential with clear perspective? how can we get excited again? it seems that beauty and the fire that burns the beauty are both necessary for renewal….

Show me how to be brave. How to be made of still and steady ground instead of waves, or rocks instead of fire, and flickering, dying flame. How to walk in the storm and not be swallowed by wind, or how to breathe when your throat feels as though it’s rapidly tightening, and closing in…Guide me on how to be wrong. How to knock on a door and apologize, how to listen hard to feedback, how to nod and agree when I should simply go along.

Help me unlearn what I’ve learned, unravel what shouldn’t stay tied, and walk away, even when it will never feel comfortable, gentle, or right……Victoria Erickson

how to be clear

Each person becomes a wanderer again and again in the course of life, as we find our true self by becoming lost. Each person carries a “story that could be true.” Each crossroad in life secretly asks the question: Who are you really?….. Michael Meade

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