renew the tender heart


The one who has a good friend doesn’t need any mirror.  …….Rumi

on this anniversary day, I honor the deep journey of love, the one that has the power to heal, the one that calls us to our highest selves….may we all learn to love by loving……

The awakened know something magical is always unfolding: they’re in touch with the purity of their hearts and the power they have to attract and create that which brings them aliveness and joy.

They are keenly aware of the keys they need to unlock the doors that lead to ecstasy — the kind of ecstasy that only wide open hearts and souls can know.

When we truly love ourselves, we won’t dare miss out on that special kind of magic we know in our hearts we can only create with certain people…..Jhenya

sharing the exposed heart

Things will change, time will pass,

but the things that we share will last forever.

 ….Love, Love, Love

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