the peace of not-knowing


Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow’……Mary Anne Radmacher

at the end of the day, it doesn’t seem to matter what we believe but how we have moved through all of the discontent, questioning, and shifting values…..can we be gentle?

…But it’s the ones who sit with it,
who let themselves feel it,
who allow the tears to fall
without brushing them away,
who feel all the feelings
without stuffing them down…
Those are the ones
who will know.

….Ruth Clark

clearing space

As difficult as it is to accept that there are no answers in life, it is even more difficult at times to accept that no one holds what we presume are the answers. No one. There is only, it seems, the returning glimpse of clarity in which all is seen and felt and the muddled aftermath when all speech fails. So what are we left with? Each of us with the endless and repeatable task of discovering, uncovering, our enthusiasm, which means: being at one with the energy of God or the Divine. Despite our endless limitations, it seems that the qualities of attention, risk, and compassion allow us to be at one with the energy of the Whole and the result is enthusiasm. In recurring humility, our enthusiasm, our momentary oneness with the energy of the Universe, is the sound of God moving through the harp of the soul…….Mark Nepo


2 thoughts on “the peace of not-knowing

  1. We cannot comprehend he beauty that is in the questioning, the sweetest solace that comes in mystery……….. to lean into the unknown is the first step in flying. ❤

    • and into the mystery we go…..this leaning into life over time is the best knowing we can see into….like a mesmerizing kaleidoscopic reverie:) fly soft Bobbie….

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