the meaning of falling into living

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Love and doubt have never been on speaking terms.

….Kahlil Gibran

such courage is asked of us…..such humility…..such incredible vitality and outrageous knowing……this pure ‘suchness’ seeps around our humanness and brings us home…..

Of all existing things some are in our power, and others are not in our power. In our power are thought, impulse, will to get and will to avoid, and in a word, everything which is our own doing. What disturbs men’s minds is not events but their judgments on events. Ask not that events should happen as you will, but let your will be that events should happen as they do, and you shall have peace…..Epictetus

can we bear witness to our longing?

One must assume responsibility for being in a weird world. You must learn to make every act count, since you are going to be here for only a short while, in fact, too short for witnessing all the marvels of it. Let each of your acts be your last battle on earth. Only under those conditions will your acts have their rightful power. Otherwise, they will be the acts of a timid man…..Don Juan

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