forgetting again

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When the 10,000 things become one,

then we return to the center,

where we have always been.


we know that in our heart of hearts we do not listen and therefore we do not know what we seek……we cannot hear the calling of our deepest knowing until we surrender to the spacious dark……

Every experience- whether inner or outer- changes. The nature of experience itself is change and movement, and this is why so many of us find that we’re to one degree or another being knocked off balance and losing our sense of equanimity. The entire world seems to be shifting, and it seems to be happening very, very quickly. So if we’re looking for a relative stillness, if we’re looking for all of this change and movement to stop, we’re always going to be frustrated, because this kind of stillness is elusive, very hard to maintain, and it can slip away in any given moment. Instead of trying to control our minds or environments by contracting or hiding in order to find this inner stillness, we must throw our senses wide open- listening, feeling, seeing- and become very wide and vast. We welcome all our experience, both that which is happening on the inside as well as that on the outside. When you welcome all of experience into your awareness, a certain type of stillness starts to emerge organically. And when we arrive at this inner stillness and inner stability, our emotional being opens. It is only then that we begin to realize that so much of our instability is caused by our constant arguing with what’s happening…..Adyashanti

the subtle sleep

In practically every spiritual tradition, humankind is believed to pass through life in a kind of quasi-somnambulant awareness. This dreamlike condition we call our ordinary consciousness. While young we are often too immersed in the adventure of life to notice how mechanically and predictably this form of consciousness makes us behave. Like the slaves on the island or the prisoners in a cave, we are programmed to obey a regimen of behavior that as teenagers and young adults we accept without question: get educated, get married, get a job, get ahead, get, get, get. The great Chinese Taoist Chuang-Tse tells the story of the butterfly’s dream: Once upon a time, I dreamed I was a butterfly fluttering over the flowers, to all intents and purposes a true butterfly. I was conscious only of following my fancies as a butterfly, and was unconscious of my individuality as a man. Suddenly, I awakened, and there I lay, myself again. As I lay there in bed, I did not know whether I was a man dreaming I was a butterfly- or a butterfly dreaming I was a man……Harry Moody

2 thoughts on “forgetting again

  1. How many nights I have sat on the edge of my bed, before an open window, and wondered to all that lingered there. And yet, now instead, I wander. My fear has grown into wings. Even in the dark, I hear the song that is my own heart beating. ❤

    • waking up may be about being comfortable in living in the unknown…..always questioning, moving through & forward and around….a tender and raw and sacred nuance…..your wings know Bobbie…..

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