offering a gift of light

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I am so small I can barely be seen.
How can this great love be inside me?
Look at your eyes, They are small
but they see enormous things.


this humility and grace and power we find in shadows and nooks are like tiny gifts of capricious longing….surprising….melancholy…old….whole…..this is life in the making….

Nothing is more essential to prayer

than attentiveness.

….Evagrius of Pontus

the heart of hearts

Centering is a continuing activity; it is not a fixed condition. It is the discipline of bringing in rather than leaving out. We may carry in our soul this picture of creating little by little the vessel of our humanity. We may feel in any act the wholeness of ourselves and our warmth and our concern and our goodwill and our limitations, and we may know ourselves, therefore, in our hope and our imperfection. We may experience this striving as a gentle movement, a flow of energy, to which we are alert and which we can to some degree guide into form. It is essential that we keep very clear in our picture the power of our hands as they touch and listen and rest and support. Among all the ingredients of our wholeness, the creative power of the individual hand is decisive. We must be willing to take on, in consciousness, the mystery of our creative power. We may think of the mysteries of fire and water and air and earth, of warmth and awareness, shaping us and taking shape through our response, a human dialogue which is also a cosmic dialogue. How small we are, and yet- One might say the same of an atom, a neuron, an electron, a particle of light- how small, and yet in each there is a hologram of the whole!…..M.C. Richards

2 thoughts on “offering a gift of light

    • to me, you are the epitome of someone who settles in the center, fine tunes her sensitivities and sensibilities and revels in this continual mystery…..blessings of ‘falling fully into bliss’ Bobbie…..

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