a kind of nothingness



larger than life~

there is the vastness
in the smallest of breaths
a lung filling
felt in effortlessness
there is an immensity
in the spectrum of white
a colorless clarity
seen behind closed eyes
there is an enormity
in the minimum of each day
stretch beyond boundaries
acknowledge your limits
there is a greatness
in the recognition of significance
accept with appreciation
avow your blessings
…..Gwynneth Green

just to sit quietly and allow this life to swirl gently, peacefully, solemnly…..round and round it goes…..this may be the most authentic moment……

The starting point is simple and at the same time prodigious: it is the fact of being conscious. I am- this is in itself a great mystery. Being conscious is the basis for all my feelings, emotions, or thoughts; it is the first datum. Thanks to it I know I exist. It is so elementary a fact that we all take it for granted. Yet who can define it, who can truly understand it? The Ways to the transpersonal Self are tentative answers to profound, vital questions that every one of us, consciously or not, has to face…..Piero Ferrucci

renewal of place

He or she is a mystic who cannot stop walking and, with the certainty of what is lacking, knows of every place and object that it is ‘not that;’ one cannot stay ‘there’ not be content with ‘that.’ Desire creates excess. Places are exceeded, passed, lost behind it. It makes one go further, elsewhere. It lives nowhere……Michel De Certeau

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