to bury the dark

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The Void is essential to our Self-discovery. It makes itself known during times of Silence and inactivity in our lives. On the outside nothing seems to be happening and we may feel uncertain of what to do.
When we resist the impulse to try and Fill these empty spaces in our lives there is potential for Magic to happen. It is our cocoon of creativity, a place of Imagining and Receptivity, offering us unexpected insights and inspiration.
Staying softly Open to the void, to the not-knowing, is a daily practice. These times of emptiness or transition are often an invitation to let go and surrender, letting our fears be dissolved in the great All. Blessed Be…..The Soulful Woman

quiet inspiration sidling up like an old friend….this is the soft dark, the angels light….may it warm our cold doubts…..

This beautiful space where I don’t have to be anything to anyone or have to worry or wonder. How long had it been since I just sat with thoughts? It seems like everyday is filled with one thing or another, and the person staring back at me is some sort of warped version of the girl I used to be. Where had I gone? I could feel a shifting. Life was changing, things were moving and I knew I was standing on the edge of unforeseen upheaval. What does one do, when they know life is about to turn upside down yet again?….Dana Gornall

holding all the hurts

There is no greater power
than to be in harmony with oneself.
……P. Desai

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