searching for a suitable fantasy



You’ll probably miss it at first. But don’t feel bad. Most people do. Because it’s hidden in plain sight!

Not like the rabbit hole in the forest, or the wardrobe up in your uncle’s attic — those belong in someone else’s story. You have your own adventures to embark upon, and your own vessel to get there.

And even now as you stop for directions, you can feel the tug at your invisible reins trying to lead you there.

You can go on neglecting it’s allure, if you wish. And keep pretending that it doesn’t exist.

Do you walk by a playground without jumping on the monkey bars? Can you ride a roller coaster without throwing your hands in the air? If so, then when the sun sets tonight go ahead and pull the covers over your head and go right to sleep.

But, if not, well then if you can stay still in the darkness long enough to find the North Star, you can locate an entrance to freedom and lightness that’s cloaked in split seconds between your lucidity.

You can uncover a new tangible truth created from depths of your imagination.

When I found mine, I heard music playing and bells ringing. I entered through a swinging door and floated up a staircase to find a long wall of reflection inside, a fun-house of mirrors that skews reality and prompts strange posturing and maniacal laughter.

Usual laws of gravity and time don’t exist; the creatures I encounter in this realm are able to move through space in unaccustomed and unimaginable ways. The air smells of fresh miracles, and the floor shows the marks of passion and perspiration splattered in the process.

The Common that pass by without a second glance might simply label it a dance studio. And sure, it’s that too.

But for me, it’s my way through.

This is the passage to my dreams and desires, the tunnel that opens up into worlds where my wildest fantasies come true. Literally. All of a sudden, I have access to my fate in the universe, and it bends and twists with my body.

If you begin looking around, you’ll start to notice them everywhere.

That tire swing that hangs from a rope under the canopy of a maple tree, a chaotic kitchen full of noisy children and burnt sugar smells, the roving easel with a sticky leg and multicolored drip decorations, and the quaint miniature gnome garden hidden back in the corner of a backyard.

But the question here is, where’s yours?

…..Jennifer Price

whispering on the edge of madness can be a reprieve from the expected, downtrodden days…revel in the call to dip into the cool waters of deep imagination…..burrow in and breathe…..

A child has no trouble believing the unbelievable, nor does the genius or the madman. It’s only you and I, with our big brains and our tiny hearts, who doubt and overthink, and hesitate…… Steven Pressfield


We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen……. Paulo Coelho

2 thoughts on “searching for a suitable fantasy

    • a place the poets find the space to create…a place in mid-flight…..a place of finding……yes, ‘leaning into the wind’ dear Bobbie….

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