escape into the real dream



Drink the oil from an olive
and uncoil because you,
you are just like me.
You’ve got golden poppies
on your breath and
honeybees flowing
straight from your ovaries.
You’re in full bloom babe,
pure as a pearl and soft as a peach.
Like when you were just a child.

…Georgie Abel

like a cat, we can sit and wait and trust in the inevitable peace that comes with knowing who we are…..the fearless and wide open heart……

Empty is the most profound discomfort, bottomless and deep. It will make you antsy. Leave you feeling naked and searching for cover. But empty can also be the one thing that releases you to freefall long enough to locate your solid ground. Awake, naked and uncomfortably grounded is where it all begins.

Have you made it to the bottom? Good. Now just sit there. Look around at the brilliance and beauty. Feel every tingling cell in your entire being. Notice the potential in the air. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Breathe it all in. Let life fill you up. Life is a constant phoenix rising. The rebirth from ashes only comes after the annihilation of what came before. This annihilation is both ending and beginning. It is heartache and brilliance. And it is all yours for the writing.

Let yourself be annihilated. Rise from the ashes. Be born and die and born again. Celebrate the blood and guts and gore of it all. It’s the stuff great stories are made of.

So go ahead, write yours……Jeannette LeBlanc

calm & steady…..

You can’t sit around waiting for someone else to say who you are. You need to write it and paint it and do it…….Faith Ringgold

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