swoop & dive



…one day you realized that what you wanted
had already happened, and long ago and in the dwelling place
in which you lived before you began,
and that every step along the way, you had carried
the heart and the mind and the promise,
that first set you off and then drew you on, and that
you were more marvelous in your simple wish to find a way
than the gilded roofs of any destination you could reach…

…..David Whyte

if you have ever considered the measured life of birds and the possibility of wings, and then dreamed of flying, well, therein lies the measured life and the possibility of wings…..may the flying be soft, and the cage gentle when called……

“While the master sought out an old friend, the apprentice, shaken by the voices not his own, wandered the marketplace and sat in a corner behind a woman who sold birds. She noticed but was not bothered by him. As the sun shifted across the open sky, the shadow of a brilliant bird and its cage silhouetted his face, so that the bird seemed perched between his eyes in the cage of his head. The apprentice did not know this, though he could not help but be smitten with the brilliant soft bird. When he focused on the bird, there seemed no cage, for being this bird, where else was there to go? When he focused on the bars, the world turned oppressive. ” How often we walk about with the soft brilliant bird trapped in our head, without even knowing. Of course, we each must inquire, what constitutes those bars, which focused and turned the world oppressive? What makes up the cage though we can’t see it- worry, fear, doubt, anger, lack of self-worth, a refusal to accept things as they are, the urgent need for approval, a relentless fear of death- What? Even more crucial, what is the soft and brilliant bird perched between our eyes. Is it the breath of the Eternal Self exhaling us from our deepest almost unreachable Center? A profound treatment of all this is Rene Magritte’s eerie painting of a faceless man whose chest is an open cage with a white bird perched peacefully in the cage, not flying, though the cage remains open. Associating the white bird with our inner heart is unavoidable and we are left in a quandary: Is the bird free at last and incapable of exercising its long-awaited freedom? Or, finally seeing with the eyes of inner freedom, is the bird surprised that there is nowhere to go; that what was a cage for so long is really its nest, its home; that freedom is in the heart’s eye all along?……Mark Nepo

consider your tucked-in wings

Mystery is what happens to us when we allow life to evolve rather than having to make it happen all the time. Just to see. Just to notice. Just to be there…….Joan Chittister

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