within the pondering

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We stopped
to say a simple word
of thanks that we could walk
to this place and find it
like a promised understanding,
like an intuition long held,
that it stood always
at the end
of the long road
we took to get here
as if to welcome us;
as if to teach and hold us
in this time, now,
to understand at last,
how close the threshold
is that takes us
like a blessing
from a world
we think we know
and turns our face
to wonder
by the gift
of a sheer
imagined absence,
the twilight sense
of the ultimate purification,
to love and let go.

…..David Whyte

sitting and pondering may be more vital than we realize…….to guide us when thinking fails us….to guide us when trying fails us……to hold us when we let go…..

Equanimity is not indifference, and compassion is not pity. True spirituality  requires us to be fully present for life. For us to begin to look directly at the world situation is not a question of ceremony or of religion. Meditation helps us to look deeply at the sorrow that exists now in our world, and to look at our individual and collective relationship to it, to bear witness to it, to acknowledge it instead of running away. Without mindfulness and compassion the suffering is too great to bear. We close our minds. We close our eyes and our hearts.

Yet opening ourselves to all aspects of experience is necessary if we want to make a difference. To look at the world honestly, unflinchingly, and directly requires us to also look at ourselves. We discover that sorrow and pain are not just out there, external, but are also within ourselves. We have our own fear, prejudice, hatred, desire, neurosis, and anxiety. It is our sorrow. In opening ourselves to suffering, we discover the great heart of compassion.

In the heart of each of us, a potential exists for experiencing this compassion and wholeness. The problem is that we becomes so busy and lost in our own thinking that we lose connection with our true nature. When we reconnect with our wholeness, our being naturally expresses itself both in meditation and through sharing ourselves with others.

……Jack Kornfield

it’s a magic kind of thing….

The leaves are falling, falling as if from far up,
as if orchards were dying high in space.
Each leaf falls as if it were motioning “no.”

And tonight the heavy earth is falling
away from all other stars in the loneliness.

We’re all falling. This hand here is falling.
And look at the other one. It’s in them all.

And yet there is Someone, whose hands
infinitely calm, holding up all this falling.

…… “Autumn” by Rainer Maria Rilke

2 thoughts on “within the pondering

  1. Being too present, especially in thought surely gets in our way. Consciousness is a two edged sword, through it we know ourselves, yet also through it we lose ourselves, until we quiet the brain and allow the mind its own infinite space …

    • I’ve been reading about Thoreau’s intense trek to Mt. Ktaadn…. A very similar dispossession you describe well. To me, Thoreau moved beyond consciousness. Experiencing a deep rattling down to his bones, a luminous unearthing from being within the wild. Similar to Rilke’s ‘holding up all this falling.’ Great book….The Blue Sapphire of the Mind, Douglas Christie…..(contemplative ecology)…..May you seep into the in between spaces today g.f.s……..

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