the exquisite soul


You are here to love. The ending is just the beginning. Once we have met with the limitless love of the soul, we begin again, begin anew……Meggan Watterson

this powerful reminder becomes a mantra and a sliver of hope in desperate times…..when we are lost, our heart can lead us back to soul…..may we know to open when we want to close…..

When we ask ‘who am I,’ the answer lies in the realm of will. When we ask ‘what am I,’ the answer belongs to the realm of being. Sometimes we just sit and be; we have a sense of our own being, of our inner collectedness, of what we are. We also sense that our being waxes and wanes; we can be more or less strongly with more or less stability. Extrapolating, we see that being can grow. While our body weakens with age, our being can strengthen, especially if we persevere in our inner work. We can most readily understand being through its role in determining the quality and subtlety of our perceptions: how aware we are and the kinds of things that can enter our awareness. Spirituality engages both perception and action, being and will. The deeper our being, the less easily we are entranced by the multitude of inappropriate, destructive, or unbecoming impulses passing through us. Furthermore, the deeper our being, the more possibility we have of opening to the higher energy of love and compassion. In the peaceful pool of being we can more readily recognize the voice of conscience……..Joseph Naft

baptism of soul

In a certain sense, the meeting with your own death in the daily forms of failure, pathos, negativity, fear, or destructiveness are actually opportunities to transfigure your ego. These are invitations to move out of that protective, controlling way of being toward an art of being that allows openness and hospitality. To practice this art of being is to come into your soul-rhythm…..John O’Donohue

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