returning to wakefulness

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My life Passion pulses with the creative potential of Service. I am grateful for the many kindred spirits who share this passion with me. This is an evolutionary process that calls me to make regular, discerning Choices that are aligned with my highest spiritual intentions.

I Humbly devote myself to a life that reflects kindness, compassion, patience and good humor. I may not always succeed, sometimes fears get in the way.

I am committed to offering my service up as a prayer, as a sacred act of devotion to healing and Co-creation with others. I allow my fears and illusions to drop away when I stand fully in the Essence of my pure heart. Namaste…….The Soulful Woman

we can trust our powerful and intuitive knowing to help us express creatively what is not possible to express verbally…..subtle and sacred and beyond thinking tasks…..may we find small and simple ways to bring ritual to our lives…..

Art and prayer have much in common. They are both rooted in an intense encounter involving a surrender of willfulness, openness to inspiration, and lead to a deep engagement with mystery. A commitment to spiritual practice engages us actively in a relationship with the sacred dimension of our lives and also cultivates particular qualities and ways of being in the world. Engaging the arts prayerfully helps us to develop ways of deeply listening to what is stirring in us. The arts teach us about mystery, giving us room to live into the paradoxical places of our lives. Through making art we come to know ourselves more deeply and provide space to discover and express our own voices. We take risks so as to become more visible to the world through gesture or color or song. We learn to slow down and to see more deeply with graced vision. The arts help us to give meaningful expression and form to our commitments, values, and ideas, and make beauty present in the world. Artistic knowing is different from intellectual knowing and, when rooted in prayer, shifts our prayer to other faculties. Art as prayer engages our bodies and imaginations, stretching us beyond the limits of the rational. The arts ask us to suspend our desire for logical information and rely more on intuition. When we create for the joy of the process, rather than for the product, we explore creativity in a deeply intimate way. We engage in a discipline within which we cultivate an attitude of openness to surprise and serendipity, waiting with patience and humility……Christine Valters Paintner & Betsey Beckman


the end of all trouble….

Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying

to work its way into your consciousness.

…..Carolyn Myss


2 thoughts on “returning to wakefulness

  1. Love that expression by Carolyn Myss. If the scientists allowed a little art into their thought lives, (pure creative though, instead of deductive reasoning) there would be discoveries untold in the human experience … The Aether would ring with presence!

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