a deeper promise


We live in illusion and the appearance of things.

There is a reality, we are that reality.

When you understand this,

you will see “you” are nothing.

And, being nothing, you are everything.

….Kalu Rinpoche

the unexpected new voice that rises up comes from a promise to be the keeper of the senses…..weaving soul shine into our beautiful imperfections……and so it shall be….

Your thoughts and desires and purpose are meant to be shared and expressed. Fight the urge to care what those close by think of you. Feel the energy of the Universe surrounding you and cheering you on. If you sit quietly you will be able to feel the energy and support surround you. Feel its power and move forward.

Separate yourself from your zip code, your town, your state and even your country and feel the grandness of your being. You are one of a whole. Feel it, love it, live it. Next time you feel limited in life, take a journey and live beyond your perceived limits..Rebecca Mckown

 evolution of mind

The dreams had been terror at loss, at something lost forever; but nothing was lost; all was retained between the sky and earth, and within himself. He had lost nothing. The snow-covered mountain remained- love had outdistanced death. The mountain could not be lost to them, because it was in their bones- nothing was ever lost as long as love remained…..Leslie Marmon Silko

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