nurturing toward intention


When I think of nourishing the soul, I think of nurturing the ability to respond positively to life- that is, the ability to sustain passion for our interests, values, and projects. I believe that the worst of all spiritual defeats is to lose enthusiasm for life’s possibilities. Two things, at minimum, are needed: an ability to appreciate the positives in our life- and a commitment to action. True spirituality does not exist without love of life. If we feel unhappy or unfulfilled, the most urgent question is, ‘What needs to be done?’ Or one might say, ‘What’s missing in my life- and what can I do about it?’ How do we nurture the soul? By revering our own life……Nathaniel Branden

this little remembrance stifles our reaction to shut down… open the channels of well-being is about remembering that we are alive….breathing…..may we find the soul within our quiet breath…..

Peace of mind has nothing to do with the external world; it has only to do with our connection with God. Love really is the answer. We’re here only to teach love. When we’re doing that, our souls are singing and dancing. When we remind ourselves that we are spiritual beings, that life and love are the flame eternal, that’s when our soul is nourished…….Gerald Jampolsky

so many tears before soul

You witness with your soul, not your eyes, for the soul is the divine part of you that observes everything. As you begin putting much more attention and energy into your soul, you begin to discover the ‘divineness’ that is within you and everything else. To nourish the soul means to participate in the very mechanics of creation- to become a co-creator of your life and of the world as you want it to be. The higher part of yourself has a ‘knowing’ that you’re not alone, that you go where you’re sent, that you’ll be guided, that you can surrender, and that it’s going to work out. The higher self helps you look at yourself and at others from the perspective of love rather than fear. Through this process, which I call ‘intention,’ you will begin to see your ordinary life becoming extraordinary….Wayne Dyer

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