easing into sweet rhythms


I was in the woods one day and found a tree stump to sit on, crossed my legs, spread out my arms, palms up, and just closed my eyes. Well aware of the benefit of meditation but beyond caring to strive to do anything else to make myself more agreeable to society and merit the good life, I just closed my eyes and practiced being me.

I sat there with no agenda, no breathing technique, no visualization, no mantra, no expectation or intention — just me.

Wow! Did that feel good. All of a sudden I realized, “I’m here!” No pretentious pose or need to be a people or even a God-pleaser, I was just showing up as me. It’s a very powerful thing to do. And magical — all of a sudden, my breath starting doing what some people go to gurus and/or pay lots of money to learn how to do. It started to generate a decent rhythm all on its own.

I started to feel connected to everything that surrounded me. I could feel not only my own existence but the community of the trees, the moss, the deer, the sun, the air, the ground. I wasn’t trying!

The natural phenomenon was clearly introducing itself to me, because for once in a long time, I was showing up in a natural phenomenal way myself.

The more I was showing up as me, the more strength I acquired and the more powerful I began to feel. This did spill into my world and my presence, and dialogue and connections were becoming truer. The richness of truth, the energy it elicits, cannot be overstated.

The alignment of you showing up in the world will activate all kinds of wonderful things. It activates that magical gesture called Destiny or whatever you want to call it, but it’s a stream or space or powerful alignment where you are in the zone — meeting, learning, growing life in a way that keeps on empowering and not victimizing. It’s an exhilaration of being.

A favorite quote, source unknown, I saw on a bracelet once said, “Be one with yourself, and all things will come to you.” I have to say, I can attest to the process. Taking time to be one hundred percent you, alone, with the Universe, will make you wonderfully aware of how one you are with yourself and all and how what you need shows up, if you do.

Afterthought: It’s really about and not about us all at the same time. The part that’s about us is being able to know who we are. The part that’s not about us is being able to let our knowing run through us and touch/trigger/catalyze everyone else’s (knowing)…..Julie Sergel

walking deep in these woods, we resist, and repent our sullen ways…….no more, we say….it is time to dance, to be with each breath of these wild and gentle breezes…….

Keep on dancing.

We dance together worldwide.

My biggest fear is to do all the work alone.

Does this mean that I fear dancing alone too?

Yes. For it is more fun to dance together on a dance floor.

To invite creativity in, we have to embrace that lonesome quiet and see it as a nourishing force of our practice. There is a creativity that keeps us and our projects evolving. From time to time we may feel alone in the process, but in taking one step at a time, we will be led to a new part of our path.

One movement is a dance into the next.

The essential mission behind our creative practice is to add one step and one part to the whole puzzle, rather than striving to know how all the tiny parts of our ideas add up in the end.

No matter what you want to bring to life, honor each step on the road. Writing one sentence a day will add up to a page. Stay a compassionate and patient parent of your creative babies. This is the art of having a creative practice.

One idea will connect to another, and suddenly you will find yourself having a new part of the path revealed to you. Keep practicing consistency, patience and self-trust as the importance of your creative work.

Your creative endeavors are important because they shift and transform our world while healing, transforming and inspiring others.

We need to reconfigure each part of our creative practice by staying committed to honor and allow reorganization as part of raising those creative babies. One is revealed, another is concealed. As one part falls away, a new one suddenly appears. It is unpredictable.

That is why it is called creativity.

Whatever is concealed in your ideas, concepts, projects or books, simply trust that the next important step will come. The creative forces will continue their dance and something new will be revealed in front of your mind’s eye.

We are not here to do the work alone.

Trust that just as spring arises, new ideas will surface. This is the natural cycle of all life. It is pretty likely that our creative practice will fall into new places and add up to something you could not have imagined before………Stefanie Honeder

 go down, down as the deepest breath

To enter fully the day, the hour, the moment
whether it appears as life or death, whether
we catch it on the inbreath or outbreath,
requires only a moment, this moment.
…….Stephen Levine


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