the mission of an intuitive flash


To achieve, we must get our life together and we must not get caught up in the drama. When we sense that an obstacle is flirting with us, we need not attach to it, but observe it and learn from it. There will always be obstacles – this is easily predictable! However, we can learn to deal with them better – like my Grandma says, we don’t need to make a mountain out of a molehill. When we make an honest effort to understand them (our obstacles), without attaching drama, we open up to learning something about ourselves. We will eventually evolve from thinking ‘what is wrong with me’ to understanding that everything is temporary and that despite its presence, we can maintain or manifest peace of mind. ‘If small things have the power to disturb you, then who you think you are is exactly that: small.’……Eckhart Tolle. Break patterns. I can hear the voice of one of my yoga teachers, ‘Anything meaningful in life usually comes at the expense of a little sacrifice and hard work.’ In many ways we are deeply attached to these obstacles and therefore we need to work hard to understand and accept them before we can rise above them. We all have a black hole within – we all have things like fear, insecurity and shame. Retraining our minds and bodies is a step toward unconditional acceptance and compassion for all life, including our own……Tanya Lee Markul

to listen, to center and participate in our own lives has the sparkly magic to reveal a new honoring, a reframing, a releasing…….may empathy and calm heal our hard stories…..

If those whom we begin to love could know us as we were before meeting them, they could perceive what they have made of us. When love ceases to be tragic it is something else and the individual again throws himself in search of tragedy. Betrayal answers betrayal, the mask of love is answered by the disappearance of love. For me, physical love has always been bound to an irresistible feeling of innocence and joy. Thus, I cannot live in tears but in exaltation. The loss of love is the loss of all rights, even though one had them all. Those who prefer their principles over their happiness, they refuse to be happy outside the conditions they seem to have attached to their happiness. It is not humiliating to be unhappy. Physical suffering is at sometimes humiliating, but the suffering of being cannot be, it is life. At times I feel myself overtaken by an immense tenderness for these people around me who love in the same century. I have not stopped loving that which is sacred in this world…..Albert Camus

aligned with purpose

Those who will not slip beneath
the still surface on the well of grief,
turning down through its black water
to the place we cannot breathe,
will never know the source from which we drink,
the secret water, cold and clear,
nor find in the darkness glimmering,
the small round coins,
thrown by those who wished for something else.

…..David Whyte

2 thoughts on “the mission of an intuitive flash

  1. As a rule, at least once a day, I stop to consider the wonder that abides in only this, this place I have come to, these hands wearing still……… There is profound comfort in the blessings we almost always overlook. ❤

    • I too know that my gratitude practice is my grounding force……my pettiness & unease is always soothed… is all sacred….another honor bestowed on our hearts….written in the soul Bobbie……

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