the arc between destiny & surrender


We are on an inevitable course of awakening. If you understand that message deeply, it allows you to enter into your spiritual practices from a different perspective, one of patience and timelessness. You do your practices not out of a sense of duty or because you think you should, but because you know in your soul there really is nothing else you would rather do. Ours is a journey toward simplicity, toward quietness, toward a kind of joy that is not in time. In this journey out of time to “NowHere,” we are leaving behind every model we have had of who we thought we were. This journey involves a transformation of our being so that our thinking mind becomes our servant rather than our master. It’s a journey that takes us from primary identification with our psyche to identification with our souls, then to identification with God, and ultimately beyond any identification at all.

Life is an incredible curriculum in which we live richly and passionately as a way of awakening to the deepest truths of our being. As a soul, I have only one motive: to merge with God. As a soul, I live in the moment, in each rich and precious moment, and I am filled with contentment…..Ram Dass

this awareness of conscious healing is actually a self-imposed tension in the play of opposites between the truth about oneself and perceived limitations……..may we seek new experiences to move from past to present….

The knowledge of individual wholeness and unity realized before the journey began, is akin, though not identical to, the wholeness that remains when the journey is over, or when there is no self. Once we pass over the line, it becomes possible to realize a greater wholeness than that of individual being, which is the wholeness of all that is. The unity of the self has disappeared, disintegrated, and given way to a wholeness that has no parts and therefore cannot be said to be integrated. Nevertheless, it was the initial integration that constituted the necessary preparation for the journey, and without it, I do not see how the passage could be made. To have no self, there must first be a self- a whole self…..Bernadette Roberts

an esoteric enabling

Beyond identification with a transpersonal Self that embodies archetypal qualities of divinity lies the realization of absolute Spirit or the unity of subject and object. When Self as subject knows itself as nothing, as emptiness or pure awareness to which no qualities can be attributed, it can no longer be called Self. Since a subject is only a subject in relation to objects that are perceived as separate from itself, when the subject is no longer objectified as an entity capable of perceiving that which is other, but remains cognizant of its all-encompassing awareness of everything as it is, it is no longer identifiable as anything. There is no one to identify or differentiate. There is only awareness…….Frances Vaughan


3 thoughts on “the arc between destiny & surrender

  1. I love this. Perceived limitations? Yes, the edge of knowledge and only the slightest indication of something greater than knowing……. The sense of something more than we can conceive, more than we’ve imagined……… The healing is in the allowing of the scar, the tears, the getting up. ❤

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