oh yes, the time is here

1-Pics for Blog Edits154

Sick of what it is called
Sick of the names
I dedicate every pore
To what’s here.


this fire of presence burns wild and focused when honored for its careful awareness of all that is deeply embedded…..all that needs to be burned away…..may we be hypnotized by the steady, blue flames of inner calm…..

First, forget what time it is for an hour.
Do it regularly every day.
Then forget what day of the week it is,
and do this regularly in company for a week.
Then forget what country you are in,
and practice doing it in company for a week,
and then do them together for a week
with as few breaks as possible.
Follow these by forgetting how to add
or to subtract.
It makes no difference.
You can change them around after a week.
Both will later help you to forget how to count.
Forget how to count,
starting with your own age,
starting with how to count backwards,
starting with even numbers,
with roman numerals,
starting with fractions,
with the old calendar,
going on to the alphabet,
forgetting it all until everything
is continuous and whole again.

M.S. Merwin

In contemplative practices of any kind, questions provoke inquiry, reflection, and conscious awareness of what we are learning or what is being revealed to us about our own current inner and outer work. At this time in your life, what are you letting go of; what are you allowing to let be; what are you harvesting? What really matters to you at this time? Are you creating a life that matters? Where we surrender and accept things as they are, we can let be and let go. Collect colorful fall leaves. On yellow ones, write your learnings this month; use red ones for heartfelt gratitudes. Use white paper on which to write down your longings, and then purify your longings by burning the paper in fire. Do the same thing for any regrets you may have experienced this year. How can you rectify these issues after you have burned them, or choose to do things differently next time? Find ways to express your gratitude for what you have harvested this month, and what has come to fruition this year. Put it into words aloud, in a poem or journal entry, or in a silent prayer of thanks…….Angeles Arrien

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