fine tuning the mystery

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To be lost is to be fully present……..Rebecca Solnit

oh, we are so clever… forget our uncertainty, we use our precious wanderings to dive into the illusion of control……the fine paradox of being a grounded life traveler with the stirrings of curiosity requires a surrendering, a lifetime of letting go…..

We say, over and over again, in countless different ways, that we want certainty, that we need it in order to get up and tie our shoes in the morning. That we must define all the things and places and people around us, so we understand exactly what we are dealing with. All the while, we become depressed when our lives become dull, routine, and predictable. We are torn between wanting to be surprised and not wanting any surprises. The mind wants certainty. The soul wants mystery. In order to make peace with the dualistic ideas of certainty and mystery, imagine for just a moment a life without uncertainty. What if there were no mysteries to investigate, no stones to turn over, no wonder to wander through. It’s called life. Drink it up. That’s what it’s there for…..Thomas Qualls

the myth of doubt

Knowledge is an unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty……Jacob Bronowski

4 thoughts on “fine tuning the mystery

  1. Whether exploring a new trail into the woods or discovering the people’s reactions to the words we say, there is always an uncertainty in what we will find, but thinking back, it is rare that I have regretted the journey. I often wonder how many who watch the soap opera’s in the afternoons would want their lives to be like that. Too often we are spectators in life, when it is begging us to jump in … Hoping you find the two roads that diverge in the woods …

    • one of my worst fears has always been to fall into complacency…..only in letting go can I find the right balance of grounding and the possibility of flight……may you find yourself in a daydream today g.f.s……

  2. Can we ever really know what awaits beyond our fear? There have been mornings where I stepped to the porch and fog covered the ground such that the steps seemed as if they were entering a cloud………and yet, I worried not for the ground beneath. Only for a moment did I dare to believe I had been relocated. Much of what I know, I only had to be willing………to understand. ❤

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