the circuitous route of The Way


Being a sensitive person can be a confusing, complicated thing in this still harsh world. It feels intuitively right to open, to feel, to enhearten our daily life, but the world is still vibrating at a more armored and edgy place. It is not yet attuned to the ways of the open heart. So what to do? We don’t want to deaden our capacity to feel, but if we feel too much, we get run over by an often heartless world. I have found my best answer in three places: (1) Selective Attachment; that is- carefully discerning between positive and negative individuals and environments, and only attaching to those people and places that can hold our tender heart safe; (2) Strong energetic boundaries; that is- being physically and emotionally charged, so that we can more effectively repel unwelcome energies; (3) Conscious Armoring; that is- learning how to put on armor when necessary to manage the world and difficult situations, and, consciously removing it when it is no longer needed. If we cultivate these practices, we stand a much better chance of preserving our sensitivity. Once we lose it, we lose our connection to the moment altogether. Here’s to a sensitive way of being! What a courageous path…..Jeff Brown
this is the verdant spaciousness that calls us to green the soul….to find our way in the tall grass of our deepest doubts……to lift that boggy heart into the tender care of other boggy hearts…….
If you touch one thing
with deep awareness,
you touch everything.
…….Thich Nhat Hanh
The presence of the soul lies not in some far-off dimension, but in our everyday expression of qualities of being that empower, align, connet, uplift, and liberate all life. We nourish others every moment when we remember to be fully present and open, appreciating and cherishing their soul beingness. That is what happens in Soul Visioning- we allow our spiritual energy to emerge fully. The soul strives to unfold its fundamental identity, to be true to itself. We measure the success of Soul Visioning by how fully our soul infuses the personality with its energy. The more we experience our soul, the more we participate in its connection with the Divine. We learn how to recognize its energy and channel it into our daily life. Love is actually the source of all our abilities, and the more we express, the greater the abilities that emerge from within us. Our primary purpose for connecting with the soul is to channel that spiritual energy of love to other people…..Susan Wisehart

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