the fragile discipline of trust

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How to cope with beauty and at the same time with the mathematical cruelty of the universe. To see means not only to have before one’s eyes. It may mean also to preserve in memory. To see and describe may also mean to reconstruct in imagination. A distance achieved thanks to the mystery of time must not change events, landscapes, human figures into a tangle of shadows growing paler and paler. On the contrary, it can show them in full light, so that every event, every date becomes expressive and persists as an eternal reminder of human depravity and human greatness. Those who are alive receive a mandate from those who are silent forever. They can fulfill their duties only by trying to reconstruct precisely things as they were by wrestling the past from fictions and legends……Czeslaw Milosz

the meaning in our lives is refined by our seeing, our gentle trust, and our unearthed beliefs…..may we see the gift of presence in the lines in old, beautiful faces…..

To accept what is bitter. The acceptance must not be reflected back on to the bitterness so as to diminish it, otherwise the acceptance will be proportionately diminished in force and purity, for the thing to be accepted is that which is bitter in so far as it is bitter; it is that and nothing else. We have to say like Ivan Karamozov that nothing can make up for a single tear from a single child, and yet to accept all tears and the nameless horrors which are beyond tears. We have to accept these things, not in so far as they bring compensations with them, but in themselves. We have to accept the fact that they exist simply because they do exist……Simone Weil

what is courage to an open heart?

This moving away from comfort and security,

this stepping out into what is unknown,

uncharted and shaky —

that’s called liberation.

……Pema Chodron

4 thoughts on “the fragile discipline of trust

  1. Perhaps it is not in the proof, but in the belief……….the gentle nudge toward understanding, acceptance, and love which aspire to be nothing less……….

    • the truth lies in our not-knowing….that this is enough…..the mystery of flow and change and rebirth……we are indeed here, right now…..blessings to you in holding space Bobbie……

  2. There is a reason that source allows all there is in being. If it were any less, then the experience would be unfulfilled, and essence would never come to know itself. Could it be any other way?

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