to be touched by the whirl of our knowing


Everybody has a gift. Your job is to find it, love it, nourish it and give it space to grow. It’s not too late for anyone to commit to making space for their own nature to blossom…..Denis Brown

this is the calling that allows us to pause and know that our lives are worthy of care…..our truth speaks to us in the most unusual and intimate ways…….the fear of our possibilities is eased through the tender knowing of all who see us……..

One of the difficulties of knowing what you are and why you are here and then losing and regaining that awareness is the temptation to identify with feelings of shame for failing to hold close to you what you know. But never, in all my experiences of the presence that I am or of that greater mystery in which I participate, have I ever caught even a glimpse of judgment or recrimination. Shame only makes it harder to be with what is. Pulling away from what is, even when what is is being disconnected from the experience of our essence, is continuing the war with reality. We cannot end this war by doing but only by following our longing, letting it lead us back into simply being. I have great faith in our longing as a portal that can take us to what we are if we follow it down into the deepest ache of the soul. But longing- the ache for something more than just continuing- is not the same as craving. Craving is fueled by fear and pushes for speed and doing, whereas longing wants to linger with, go deeper into, and learn from what is in the present moment. Longing will take us to the knowledge of our essence and the meaning enfolded in being what we are……Oriah Mountain Dreamer

the endless well of creative light

Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown into flame again by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light….Albert Schweitzer

4 thoughts on “to be touched by the whirl of our knowing

  1. Deeper than the questions, the allowance of our mystery……….to pull us, to fnd us, to hold us. Not long ago, I was watching a football game. They were talking about the best players being those who weren’t afraid of being hurt. When fear enters, the players hesitate……and they get hurt. The breaking only comes when we are afraid to move……….to allow, to re-enter the places where both darkness and light are…….where they know us well……. 🙂 May the winds carry you sweetly………

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