into the cleansing fire

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I am going to start living like a mystic:

So when I look out the window I will see God in a leaf

pulsing with the rhythm of photosynthesis,

and I will catch the message

starlight delivers from the galaxy Andromeda.

I will eat my lunchtime sandwich

as though it were manna offered

straight from the hand of Yahweh.

I will kiss my mate as passionately as Jesus

praying with the disciples that night.

I am going to start living like a prophet:

I will never look away from the least beggar

on the grimy street, even if all I give is my eyes.

I will stop pressing down my tears,

let them leap from my eyes.

Their salt will flavor

what I write, what I do.

I am going to live what I know:

I will shout Thank You to the seals

and cormorants in the cold bay

and to the crooked maple tree on the road,

no matter what the newsmen say.

I will never stop welcoming

my fine erotic dreams.

I will learn to die starting now.

I will let the evening come.

…..Barbara Gibson

may we give in to the dreamy daydream, the turn of the sky, the heaven-scent rain……may we honor the passing of deep night, the heavy, drowning surf, and the tiny hurts that turn to stone…..may we feel the sacred healing in all of our soul tending…..

It is essential to human beings to fall apart, to fragment, disintegrate, and to experience the despair that comes with a lack of wholeness. To what can we turn, in this moment of crisis? I believe that it is at this critical moment that the possibility of creative living arises. If we can let go of our previous identities and move into the experience of the void, then the possibility arises for new forms of existence to emerge. Poiesis, the creative act, occurs as the death and re-birth of the soul. The integration and affirmation of the psyche are one and the same. But this new identity only lives in the actuality of the creative process. We are called upon to constantly re-form ourselves, to engage in what James Hillman calls “soul-making”…..The soul finds its form in art…….Stephen Levine

the divine in the palm of our hands

I am where I need to be.
Everything around me
includes and hides the sacred.
……Mary Mrozowski

2 thoughts on “into the cleansing fire

  1. When we recognize there is meaning in all things then the sacred emerges from the depths of eternal selves buried in consciousness, and at lasr we sense the divine spark we are …

    • learning this is a lifetime’s work… let go ‘into’ instead of ‘away’ is a remarkable task……love the possibility in this g.f.s…..

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