the void between sky & heart


The more uncertain I have felt about myself,

the more there has grown in me

a feeling of kinship with all things.

…..Carl Jung

when we can barely look at the sky with its heavy weighted clouds, harsh light and potential for new storms, may we hold all that weight with the immensity we hold the care of our lives, our loved ones, our dreams……know that this is honorable work……that the feather and the mountain weigh the same……

Chasing paradise keeps us from living here in paradise. Sometimes, we don’t realize there is nothing to be done, until we’ve tried everything. I don’t think this means we’ve failed, though sometimes we fail. I think this means we’ve been thorough in our humanness. And it’s only through our humanness that we can meet our difficulty, stay vulnerable, and be completed by all that is not us. Only by inhabiting our humanness fully can we know our core, and so know the core of all things. Only by meeting life completely, in all its entanglements, can we find our way back to the aliveness we all need in order to go on. Saying yes is how the infinite spirit we’re born with keeps moving through us into the world. How do you know the presence of spirit? Saying yes is the way the flower of the soul breaks through the stone of the world. How is your soul inching through the stone of the world?…..Mark Nepo

the return after dark

No one can construct the bridge

upon which precisely you must cross

the stream of your life, but you.

….Friedrich Nietzsche

2 thoughts on “the void between sky & heart

  1. I love that……….. I have wondered if my heart learned to sing from the wind through the leaves, or the waves upon the shore…………. Where did I start? How could I ever end? ❤

    • it is said that we must live our imperfect lives, no matter how messy….only that they are authentic…..I have planted many seeds that have not grown and so it is……

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