to understand kindness

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If I just do another workshop, if I just meditate a few more hours, if I just do more downward dogs, if I just do more hours of tantra, if I just read more spiritual texts, if I just attend more kirtans, if I just pray to more altars, if I just buy more crystals, if I just do more cleanses, if I just eat more live food, if I just serve more gurus, if I just look in more crystal balls, if I just have more aha moments, if I just do more ayahuesca, if I just…….. I will become more enlightened. Yes, some activities do support our expansion, but how about just going for a walk and breathing? Got as good a chance of being here now with your souls making contact with mother earth than anywhere else. Be real now- how’s that for a no-plan?…….Jeff Brown

we need to surrender most when we squeeze too tightly…….maybe our healing is needed not as a way to fix ourselves, but rather to honor ourselves……give into the daydreaming, to the nurturing, to the not knowing……

God is as much in the mess as in the beauty. If we define our spirituality only in positive and glowing terms, it will become sentimental, and then it is of no use. To be spiritual is not just to pray and meditate but also to be involved in the struggles of marriage, work, and raising children; i social responsibility and in the effort to make a just and peaceful world…..Thomas Moore

somehow it’s all ok

There is something wonderfully bold and liberating about saying yes to our entire imperfect and messy life. With even a glimmer of that possibility, joy rushes in. When mistrust and skepticism creep in, we might be tempted to back down from embracing our life unconditionally. It takes practice, learning to bounce back each time we’re dragged down by what seems to be wrong. When we put down ideas of what life should be like, we are free to wholeheartedly say yes to our life as it is……Tara Brach

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