knowing through the dark night

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Up close, the path is seldom what it looks like from afar. My journey has taught me that the acceptance of what is is the doorway to our true self and to the one true world. Implied in such acceptance is the constant practice to look at life beyond the glare of the light and the veil of the dark. Accepting what is is how our eyes grow accustomed to the dark. Because what’s there is not really dark, just dark to us. Once still enough, long enough, what seems dark has spaces in it, and we begin to see in those spaces. Carl Jung said, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” So accepting what is allows us to enter the one true world. How? By being present enough to outlast the glare of the light and brave enough to part the veil of the dark…….Mark Nepo

we are momentarily suspended in this life when we are swept up into sky currents with gratitude or loss or any other kind of reshaping……looking down from so high, we know we are forever lost and somehow it’s the most beautiful desolation…..

The only way you will ever awaken
is through the silence,
not through analyzation of facts.
Not by sorting out good and bad, but
through simple silence, letting go.
Letting go of all thoughts, all the hurts,
all the dogmas and concepts.
Letting go of these things daily.
……Robert Adams

between dark & darkest

Whether we experience it as painful or pleasurable, the night is dark for our protection. We cannot liberate ourselves; our defenses and resistances will not permit it, and we can hurt ourselves in the attempt. To guide us toward the love that we most desire, we must be taken where we could not and would not go on our own. Deep in the darkness, way beneath our senses, God is instilling another, better love and deeper, more urgent longings that empower our willingness for all the necessary relinquishments along the way……Gerald May

4 thoughts on “knowing through the dark night

  1. to be lost……….is to be a moment of dust, a star just before shining, a truth bigger than words to carry……….. We are home, we are going……..eternity shifts to allow the wonder of our trust.

    • maybe this is what it means to have a calling…..and why a dark night of the soul is often part of the process……..ode to the dark night g.f.s….

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