where centered meets a crossroads

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Some of the big questions, like “who am I?” or “where is God?” or “why am I here?” lead our investigations into a blind alley. We cannot see the answers. We might even find the questions themselves disturbing or frightening. By staying grounded in our ordinary day-to-day reality, such questions will not overcome us and we will not be deluded into accepting facile, clever, or false answers. Yet the essential questions persist in tugging at our heart. Gently and humbly, without expectation or demand, we approach the question through contemplation. We contemplate the unanswerable, the unfathomable. We contemplate the questions that matter the most, the questions that drive our search, that enflame our very soul. We welcome the question into our heart and mind, like a Zen koan, bypassing the would-be and trivial answers, seeking the realm of truth beyond all questions and all answers…….Joseph Naft

this exhaustion is spiraling & then revolting….like a thunderbolt, coming up with innocence & intuitive bravery……..begin again & again…..this is the wise & gritty way…..

The starting point is simple and at the same time prodigious: it is the fact of being conscious. I am- this is in itself a great mystery. Being conscious is the basis for all my feelings, emotions, or thoughts; it is the first datum. Thanks to it I know I exist. Yet who can define it, who can truly understand it? It is only natural that this mystery should invite us to explore our inner world and turn it into a laboratory for carrying out a host of experiments. One discovers that consciousness can be a continuous source of revelation, a Way toward the Self. Thus, in the Way of Illumination we start out by accurately looking into our own assumptions. Too strong a reliance upon any conviction- even the noblest and most universal one- can prevent us from looking further. This is the groundwork……Piero Ferrucci

tell us again, why are we here?

And my soul ascends in this vision, as God wills, to the height of the firmament- and extends itself to many different peoples who live far from me in distant lands and spaces. And I cannot see depth or length or breadth in it. And as sun, moon, and stars are reflected in the water, so in this light the images of the writings and the speech and the forces and many works of men shine forth to me. And the words in this vision are not like the words that sound from the mouths of human beings, but like a vibrating flame and like a cloud moving in pure air. And what I see and hear in that vision, my soul draws up as from a spring that still remains full and unexhausted……Hildegard of Bingen

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