the finesse of our finest hour

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She is here, always.
I use the words Her/She/Goddess/Shakti,
to describe something that has no gender,
no form, no limits.
It is your own essence,
the ground of being and how it dances into form.
It is that which catches you midair
the moment the grip on the Me-plan unclutches.
She is within you, she is outside of you.
She is not you, she is no other than you.
…..Chameli Ardagh

when the magic reveals itself, we suddenly realize it was there all along……this is the unveiling……the creative plunge into the heart of harmony…….

We travel to Israel. I am in search of spiritual renewal. I go to the sulphur springs, hot sulphur baths that bubble up out of the mountains. I watch a woman dress after her bath. She climbs slowly out of the spring. She dries her body unselfconsciously, makes no effort to hide or cover herself. She takes her time. She is probably in her fifties. Her body, softened by time and and the birth of children, has yielded to gravity’s rounding. Her dressing appears to me as a sacred ritual of self respect. She embodies the river. She moves with grace and dignity. I go to the baths whenever I can. When I return to my room I draw images of the women I see there. They lead to something that is missing for me, like a half-remembered melody. That I am compelled to draw reminds me that I seek the river through images. What I seek is within, yet I can’t find my own way there. It is a dimly remembered dream. In the inward journey to the river, the images are my maps. What I need seems embodied in the women at the springs. I have been reading Joseph Campbell’s books, especially ‘Hero with a Thousand faces.’ I begin to understand the what I am seeking has something to do with the feminine and that my soul is the soul of a woman. For me, the soul and the river are inextricably bound up with the idea of God. We create our spiritual connection by tending to soul. Spirit enters when soul has made the place ready. When we cultivate soul, our eyes become clear and soft. What does your soul need to make the way ready for spirit to enter?….Pat B. Allen

why ever not

He does not desire the soul to undertake any labor, but only to take delight in the first fragrance of the flowers. The soul can obtain sufficient nourishment from its own garden…..St. Theresa of Avila

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