peace within the deep hush


It’s 3 am, I lie in bed in my cabin in the forest listening
To night sounds, to the life of the forest
Unfolding as it should
In harmony with the Way, according to the Way
The forest, in turn, unfolds according to the rhythms of the Universe
The soundless music of the Universe
I too seek a life and death
That unfolds in sync with that harmony, that balance.

 ……..Roderick MacIver

this heavy quiet blankets us in a sweet inertia……where does this haunted desire unfold? into what cadence? into movement like the rhythm of breathing?

I will have loved my life with passion, embraced it with fervor, cherished every single moment of it. I will have contemplated with wonder the sky and its running clouds, my brethren the humans, my sisters the flowers and stars. I will have feasted unceasingly on the treasure of life in all its forms. I will not have dwelled in mediocre ambitions, vain hatred, and useless complaints.

I will depart with the belief that there is no end to the flow of life in the universe, that there is no death but only an unceasing change of worlds.

……….Robert Muller

can’t find my way home

Anyone who has probed the inner life, who has sat in silence long enough to experience the stillness of the mind behind its apparent noise, is faced with a mystery. Apart from all the outer attractions of life in the world, there exists at the center of human consciousness something quite satisfying and beautiful in itself, a beauty without features. The mystery is not so much that these two dimensions exist – an outer world and the mystery of the inner world – but that we are suspended between them, as a space in which both worlds meet … as if the human being is the meeting point, the threshold between two worlds.

…….Kabir Helminski

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