an epiphany of the senses

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The most fundamental skill of the creative person is the ability to revision the world. Everything is subject to reconstruction and renewal. Creative persons live in a state of constant search and exploration. Creative ways of looking at the world offer endless new twists, inversions, and challenges to the hegemony of any idea. The creative person is comfortable with contradictory truths and constant changes because there is an underlying faith in an all-enveloping process which embraces paradox and movement. We can tap into the power of our discontents and use them as sources of transformation. What disturbs you the most may have the most to offer in your creative expression….Shaun McNiff


when we sit with the edges of meaning in our imaginative and colored world, we let go, we use our senses, we rediscover our inner truths….listen and feel and express in new ways…..

Receptive people, sensitive people, are imaginative people. Those who can see the greenery of the trees, just without any aggression on their part, not even a subtle aggression on their part- who can just drink the greenery of the trees, who can simply absorb it as if they are sponges- they become very creative, they become very imaginative. Imagination is the one faculty you have that comes closest to God…..Osho

we found each other

We cannot look behind us for answers. They do not live there. We must imagine ourselves forward, envision the world we want to create, and feel the new reality in every cell of our beings in order to bring it about- for it is our feelings, our passions and compassion, that will propel us toward the future we desire. The question is not “What is wrong and how can we fix it?” The question is “What does the world we want to live in look like?”….Jan Phillips

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