gentle threads


It’s not about someone stealing our heart.

It’s about restoring its aliveness.

It’s about softening its armor.

It’s about filling it up with light.

When real love enters,

it doesn’t take anything from us.

It gifts us with the everything.

….Jeff Brown

may we ease gently into our fragility, our newness, our soft nights of tender loneliness……..may we know we are the love we seek…..may we know possibility under this full moon….

New Year’s resolutions and intentions can sometimes be a heavy list of “shoulds” and “must dos.” But Soul speaks a different language, one that is Free of conventional agendas and ideas.

Take a moment to Listen to your heart. What do you really want? What do you really need?

Our soul is moved by simple Truths and authenticity. Let the New Year settle in and see what unfolds and shows up for you. Give Space to the unknown and to yourself. The path of soul is often different to the goals of the rational mind and can take longer to reveal itself.

New Year does not have to be about new things but can be a time to simply reflect on and Appreciate where you are right now and the phase you are in. You may be at the beginning, middle or ending of things. Wherever you are, embrace it for the Wisdom it is bringing you.

Happy Now Here……Gemma Summers & Shushann Movsessian

In the end,

we all become stories.

….Margaret Atwood

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