abiding through to intention


When the soul wishes to experience something,

she throws an image of the experience out before her

and enters into her own image.

……Meister Johann Eckhart

from the inside looking out we can distort the view…..like flowers in the snow, we feel the optical illusion of smallness and flat light…….but to open the heart wide like a window in the storm, all becomes vast and full of falling stars……

The journey towards clarity is speckled with all of the psychic junk we try to discard—the chunks of self we reject, the fears we try to conquer. Our backs bowed with this weight, we often find ourselves led not by the call of Love but by the high-pitched whine of our inner critic.

Oh, it takes courage to really look closely at what blocks the flow. This is a thorny place—impossible to explore deeply without getting poked and scraped. But all we have to do is to clear a small way and surrender.

………Roderick MacIver

to live in this world

Stop, open up, surrender

the beloved blind silence.
Stay there until you see

you’re looking at the light
with infinite eyes.

2 thoughts on “abiding through to intention

  1. When we accept the way the world teaches we walk through the thorns and brambles, when we look through the fog toward the soul light or listen for her soft but ever present song the Red Sea parts and our destination is at our leisure while our angry pursuers are swept by tides …

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