under roots

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It was a sunny winter’s day.

I sat down on the soft forest floor, enjoying the way the light came through the gaps in the trees and rested on a clump of young hazelnut shoots lighting them up like stars within the darkness, and I let my pen write…

Listening to oneself beyond the boundaries of what we call reality. Inner listening aligned with one’s true self, the natural one who is part of all and where all resides.

Trees are our masters; don’t look any further, you have found the guides you have been looking for all your life. They do not come in human form, but are all-embracing shadows of the truth.

They will lead you at all times to your inner being, they will shine the light so that you see more clearly — they are part of you; yes, hazelnut, ash, oak, beech, pine, birch, hawthorn — they are all part of you, and they come from where you come from.

Trees live alongside us, they are a common feature of our lives, but so many of us forget to enter into communication with them and therefore miss the lessons of some of the best teachers we have on this earth.

Once the connection has been made, my soul recognizes the tree that has always been part of me and welcomes it home.

Thank you, trees, for knocking on the door of my heart.

….Cathy Skipper

may we feel the breath we breathe within the trees that sustain us….the quiet we find there….the whispers that sweeten us there…..the roots we unearth there……

Far from humankind, no kindred spirits
Wandering over the landscape
Among the big pines, the mountains, the purple flowers
the flowing rivers
our love for things grows.

……Roderick MacIver

the deep groove of love

The surrounding forest looks familiar but I’m not quite in sync with it yet. A part of me is still in a Williamstown cafe, enjoying brunch with my wife, Judy, while listening to classical music. It will take a while to match the natural rhythm of things. Several thresholds have to be crossed before that can happen. The first will come in a matter of hours; another after a night in the woods; yet another in a few days. I relish this gradual return to a simpler existence, yet something deep inside me recoils in the mute terror from it. More has been abandoned at the trailhead than the mere amenities of modern living. With a little coaxing from the forest, a wilder self will slowly emerge but only at the expense of something more refined, genteel. It’s a trade-off to be sure.

…….Walt McLaughlin



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