we move in cycles, circles, & seasons

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Under all our burden and joy, there is a safe, interior place that feels like home. This safe place is the spot of honest being that we arrive at by being who we are. It’s here that we’re informed by the very aliveness of things, when we risk enough to let that aliveness touch us. Being human, we forget and drift from what is true, or out of fear and pain, run from it. Yet underneath our coming and going, our awakened kinship with others depends on our return to the common depth that gives us life. The real work of relationship begins with the rigor of heart by which we stop retreating from life, and the rigor of mind by which we stop giving ourselves away for the sake of belonging. These are not easy tasks. Yet one of the most intimate things we can do is to ask an honest question and one of the most intimate ways we can answer is to admit we don’t know. Then a tender and resilient journey begins- our friendship with the unknown. How I long for these moments of complete relationship- to anything. This is why we love…….Mark Nepo

this waiting through winter is harsh when we let go of awareness, sweetest when we know how the cold touches us, and complacent and dry when we forget where we are in the generosity of this circle of life…..allow the winter dawn to seep in slow……

On this ever-revolving wheel of being

The individual self goes round and round

Through life after life, believing itself

To be a separate creature- until

It sees its identity with the Lord of Love

And attains immortality in the indivisible Whole.

….The Shvetashvatara Upanishad

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Grandmother Moon comes up each evening, as does Grandfather Sun to brighten our night and day. It is a Circle of Life that affects the tides, our moods, and even our planting seasons. Since we are kin to all things, we are influenced by these journeys of night and day in our Circle of Life. Therefore, our vision and truth is influenced by the lessons of this circle journey in the Universal Circle. This is part of our Medicine-way……Doc Amaneeta Sequoyah, Cherokee Medicine Elder

5 thoughts on “we move in cycles, circles, & seasons

  1. How sweet this allowance of familiar beginnings…a knowing deeper than bone, than name, than presence. Our home is a flame not forgotten, a truth we cannot u know. Thank you for the reminder to let. ❤

  2. If there is one thing gruel non dual it is the circle. Almost as if duality were an experiment. It appears because of the relationship between circles. Polar opposites, diametric opposition. Where do we go from here?

    • love that question……maybe we don’t go….we just spin…..not stagnating, not rushing…..I like that it’s kind of like inertia, but with a positive view…..

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