soul kisses

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For too long, we have believed that the divine is outside us. This belief has strained our longing disastrously. This is so lonely since it is human longing that makes us holy. The most beautiful thing about us is our longing; this longing is spiritual and has great depth and wisdom. If you focus your longing on a faraway divinity, you put unfair strain on your longing. Thus, it often happens that the longing reaches out towards the distant divine, but, because it overstrains its self, it bends back to become cynicism, emptiness or negativity. This can destroy your sensibility. Yet we do not need to put any strain whatever on our longing. If we believe that the body is in the soul and the soul is divine ground, then the presence of the divine is completely here, close with us.
Being in the soul, the body makes the senses thresholds of soul. When your senses open out to the world, the first presence they encounter is the presence of your soul. To be sensual or sensuous is to be in the presence of your own soul…..John O’Donohue

lead the soul to water……drink long and slow……fill the belly with light and breath…… we gather and feed from the archetypal shadows…..

If you listen,
not to the pages or preachers
but to the smallest flower
growing from a crack
in your heart,
you will hear a great song
moving across a wide ocean
whose water is the music
connecting all the islands
of the universe together,
and touching all
you will feel it
touching you
around you…
embracing you
with light.

It is in that light
that everything lives
and will always be alive.

……..John Squadra

the beauteous horizon

The sound of the sea, the curve of a horizon, wind in leaves, the cry of a bird leave manifold impressions in us. And suddenly, without our wishing it at all, one of these memories spills from us and finds expression in musical language. I want to sing my interior landscape with the simple artlessness of a child.

…….Claude Debussy

2 thoughts on “soul kisses

  1. The first light of sun on the horizon, its promise of the coming sunrise, light to fill our lives, and warmth to fill our hearts. These moments in sense are daily reminders on the nearness of the divine. May your day fill with light from the presence of your soul …

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