why we live here


 Each Spring it’s my heart
that stirs first of all
……Muso Soseki

this principle of breathing through the heart sings us seamlessly into the web that gathers sky to moss to river……settle into spring slowly like silky mud and shiny stone…..

Nature opens us to a sacred dimension of life. Timeless wisdom seems more accessible when we are away from the confines of life’s everyday trappings. Without access to the sacred dimensions of life, our world can often seem mundane, purposeless, and trivial. The effort it takes to work, survive, and pay the bills can feel meaningless unless we hold our lives in a larger perspective or have some sense of greater purpose that connects with a vaster reality than our own small world. Immersion n the natural world can help us open our eyes to this ever- present mystery and dwell in the sacred wonder of being alive. We can connect with the profound nature of the sun setting in a cloudy sky or the crescent moon rising above distant hills. We can remember to come out of our small, self-preoccupied world and participate in a universe that unfathomable, beautiful, and pregnant with meaning. To live closer to the sacred bestows on our lives a certain grace and purpose, a  meaningful context in which to hold our everyday reality…..Mark Coleman

big sky

At a certain point, you say to the woods,
to the sea, to the mountains, the world,
Now I am ready.
Now I will stop and be wholly attentive.
……Annie Dillard

4 thoughts on “why we live here

  1. participate in a universe that is unfathomable, beautiful and pregnant with meaning/ awesome description……………….and love the “pregnant with meaning” that makes you stop and realize that new life is always happening around us and within us and calling us as Annie Dillard says, “to be wholly attentive.”

    Again….much that touches and inspires me. You chose so perfectly quotes that speak my language.

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