the groove between sun & rain

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What then is our course, what the manner of our flight? This is not a journey for the feet; the feet bring us only from land to land; nor need you think of coach or ship to carry you away; all this order of things you must set aside and refuse to see: you must close the eyes and call instead upon another vision which is to be waked within you, a vision, the birth-right of all, which few turn to use……Plotinus

we want to know one another…we need to witness ourselves……we long to connect the heart with soul…..

Every human being has a basic nature of goodness, which is undiluted and unconfused. That goodness contains tremendous gentleness and appreciation. As human beings, we can make love. We can stroke someone with a gentle touch; we can kiss someone with gentle understanding. We can appreciate beauty. We can appreciate the best of this worlds. We can appreciate its vividness: the yellowness of yellow, the redness of red, the greenness of green, the purpleness of purple. Our experience is real. When yellow is yellow, can we say it is red, if we don’t like the yellowness of it? That would be contradicting reality. When we have sunshine, can we reject it and say that sunshine is terrible. Can we really say that? When we have brilliant sunshine or wonderful snowfall, we appreciate it. And when we appreciate reality, it can actually work on us. We may have to get up in the morning after only a few hours’ sleep, but if we look out the window and see the sun shining, it can cheer us up. We can actually cure ourselves of depression if we recognize that the world we have is good. It is not an arbitrary idea that the world is good, but it is good because we can experience its goodness. We can experience our world as healthy and straightforward, direct and real, because our basic nature is to go along with the goodness of situations. The human potential for intelligence and dignity is attuned to experiencing the brilliance of the bright blue sky, the freshness of green fields, and the beauty of the trees and mountains. We have an actual connection to reality that can wake us up and make us feel basically, fundamentally good……Chogyam Trungpa

to witness the shadows

Action becomes more than a matter of getting from here to there, but a contemplative affair as well, a path by which we may discover inner truth. Contemplation becomes more than a luxury to be indulged when the worries of the world are behind us, but a way of changing consciousness that may have more impact on the world than strategic action can have. Contemplation-and-action are integrated at the root, and their root is in our ceaseless drive to be fully alive…..Parker Palmer

2 thoughts on “the groove between sun & rain

  1. Aliveness, is the praise for the sunrise, the thankfulness for another day passed, learned, and fulfilling our hearts desire. So often I find those who act without pause … When I know the pause, the moment between breaths allows our action to be truly ours rather than the rebounding of the willow when a wind gust passes, that will often snap its branches. Nature is our greatest teacher, for we are in it, of it, part of it, yet we behave as though it were our servant – often I read after a ‘natural disaster’ where was God? Yet I am sure God is asking, why do you not listen to my voice?

    • indeed, the pause is found here……to awaken here is to feel each of these days and breaths……I have forgotten so many times, and so when I remember to let go, I become new each time……

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