alive & calm

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Love said to me ~
There is nothing that is not me.
Be silent.


nothing keeps us here……aliveness roots up in some twisted, divine familiarity……..our endless capacity for storymaking winds us through our lives, inviting us to wonder where all those branches emerged from……

The energy is takes to develop attention, which seems exhausting at first, returns to us as radiance and reaches into every level of life. Nothing we do is lost; everything we do has greater aliveness, greater freedom……Richard Moss

“True attention,” says Flora Curtois, author of An Experience of Enlightenment, “is rare and sacrificial. It demands that we throw away everything we have been or hope to be, to face each moment naked of identity, open to whatever comes.” Perhaps it is the fact of the world showing up vividly, with clarity and depth, as we give ourselves away, as self is relinquished, that most characterizes what we call attention. In general, attention for the contemplative is an active engagement, and effortless effort to observe, to sustain the observation, and eventually to suspend attention itself and simply be all there….Laura Sewall

2 thoughts on “alive & calm

  1. Presence, in the moment, aligned. Everything today seems to be designed to distract, capture our attention, when willfully guided there is a benefit, but not in the distraction but in the deliberate, willful turning of attention to where our thought belongs, or needs to be … Care must be taken with the reins lest the horse stray from the path …

    • I may never learn to let go of my sweetnesses, of my goals, my precious ideas…..but when I have these little momentary glimpses of freedom, I loosen my grip, renew my perspective of not-knowing…..may the night distill its possibilities g.f.s….

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