never, never doubt the heart


We spend so much time wanting to be seen and named. Yet the spirit doesn’t know it’s being spiritual anymore that water rushing knows it’s a stream, and the heart doesn’t know it’s expanding with compassion anymore than a hawk spreading its wings knows it’s being a hawk. Nor does someone acting out of love often realize they are being kind. From an early age, we are taught that to live fully is to be accepted, and to be accepted, we need to be seen. So we base success and even love on the effort to be seen, on how much we stand out. However, the often painful truth we discover along the way is that to survive in an inner way that matters- that keeps us connected to all that has ever lived and is living- we sorely need to know how to be accepting. When we do this, we no longer need to be different to be valued and no longer need to be accepted to know love. In short, we no longer need an audience to fly. We simply have to extend our sincerity to each abiding day and we will be in accord with all that is valuable. For giving attention opens us to love. So wake me by accepting me, and the world will sprout us up like grass……Mark Nepo

how does the heart know its kindred? how does being kinder to ourselves serve our beloveds? how can love move us deeper into this life?

We call down grace,

and gaze without wavering

into the fires of creation.

We find the place where

love embraces fear, and

tears taste like faith.

We let our radiance

be revealed in laughter

and in longing.

We hold the whole of life,

sweet grapes and bitter,

healing herbs.

We hold until we overflow

and offer back the gifts

that we’ve received.

The vessel never empties.

The growing love between

us keeps it filled.

…..Danna Faulds

to see the other

Everything in the universe is interconnected.

Within each it is reflected.

……Lourdes Pita

4 thoughts on “never, never doubt the heart

  1. Like the climate of a planet, swirling and flowing for eons of time, place to place, desert becomes rain forest, and jungle turns to forest … So our thoughts entangle with creation creating the living fields that surround us … What divine beauty will we conjure with love?

    • reminds me of the infinite ways to open the heart… right answer….so many choices…today it’s a bird in a tree….another day it’s a daydream while driving….another it’s cooking dinner infused with heart…….may it surround you at dusk g.f.s….

  2. We hurt ourselves more by going against our sacred nature, by blocking out love, fearing the fall without ever considering the flight. We do well to open our arms such that all of creation is returned to our bosom, to the place of beginning. We run, and yet home chases us back.

    • our patterns can be as delicate as the lace floating on the clothes line…..sun streaming…..dragonflies buzzing… we recede into gentle patterns of living….home dear Bobbie….

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